How effective is tadalafil?

The drug Tadalafil was developed and received by the British pharmaceutical company Elly Lilly. This drug is a tool for treating various erectile dysfunction in men. Tadalafil exerts its effect by relaxing the blood vessels, which increases the blood supply to the tissues of the penis of men, resulting in a good erection. The British corporation produces a drug with tadalafil as an active ingredient called Cialis.

Generic Tadalafil

The substance of Tadalafil is a chemical, that is, it is synthesized in test tubes. In nature, it does not occur, so it is impossible to find this substance in any food or medicinal plant. The method of obtaining and chemical synthesis of  generic tadalafil was developed by the British pharmaceutical corporation Elly Lilly in 2003. Based on this substance, pharmacologists created the original medication Cialis. All other medications based on tadalafil are Cialis generics. Consider the main differences and characteristics of generics and original medicines.tadalafil generic

Developing an original medicinal product, the pharmaceutical concern synthesizes and releases a certain chemical substance, which will be the active ingredient. Then, the optimal dosages of the substance are detected experimentally, in which it has the best positive effect with minimal side effects. The optimum auxiliary components are also installed. Then the technology of synthesis of a substance and methods of its purification from various impurities, which often cause allergic reactions and side effects, are developed. After successful completion of all stages of development, the finished medicinal product is tested and released to the market under a specific name, invented specifically for him.

Thus, original pharmaceutical preparations appear that have international patents. However, a patent for a medicinal product is valid for a limited period of time, after which any pharmaceutical company can take the composition of the original preparation (written in each manual) and make its own medicine according to the indicated dosages. It is this drug will be called a generic. In rare cases, a new name for a generic drug. And most often generics are called simply by the international name of the active substance. For example, with regard to the active substance tadalafilu it looks like this: the original drug is called Cialis, and most generics are Tadalafil. That is, the generic substance contains the same active substance as in the original preparation. Generics are usually much cheaper than the original drugs.

Despite the same active ingredient in generics and original preparations, the composition of the auxiliary components may differ significantly. Often, the generic only similarity with the original drug – it’s just the same active substance. In this case, as a rule, active substances obtained in chemical laboratories by industrial means, which are not subjected to serious and thorough purification from impurities, are taken to produce generics. It is a large number of impurities that pharmacists refer to when talking about a drug that is rather “dirty.”generic tadalafil 10mg

Thus, Cialis has a large number of generics that belong to the tadalafil group. Most of the generics are produced by Indian pharmaceutical corporations, which in principle specialize precisely in this direction of the drug market.
The Hindus produce the following unusual generics:
Cialis Soft is a tablet that can be chewed or rasasyvat, without washing down with water;
Tadalafil 40 mg is a tablet that contains a large, “shock” dose of the active ingredient;
Cialis gel – tadalafil in the form of a gel, which is applied externally.

Indications for use

To date, generic Tadalafil has only one indication for use – it is treatment of erectile dysfunction, that is, a condition in which the penis does not become sufficiently dense and excited for a full intimate contact. The drug leads to the development of a good erection only in combination with sexual stimulation.
Tadalafil generic is indicated for use with a weak erection caused by the following factors:

  • psychoemotional disorders;
  • organic erectile dysfunction;
  • diabetes;
  • distant prostate gland;
  • obesity; hypertension;
  • spinal cord injury.

Recommendations for use

Despite the fact that Tadalafil’s safety is proved by numerous clinical studies, in order to avoid the development of side effects and possible harm to health by using the drug it is desirable to adhere to certain recommendations:

• Tablets should be taken only at the dosage prescribed by your doctor. The standard daily dose is 20 mg, but if necessary, it can be increased to 40 mg (maximum dosage) or reduced to 5-10 mg

• For men with kidney and liver disease, the maximum recommended dose is 10 mg, with hyperplasia of the prostate – 5 mg

• It is undesirable to take the drug more than once a day

• When taking the pill, drink plenty of clean water
satisfaction with tadalafil
In conclusion, it should be noted that only a person who is fully confident in his health and does not use other medicines at the same time can independently take Tadalafil. But if any side effects occur, you should consult a doctor and get advice about the possibility of taking and dosage.

Side effects

Adverse events after the use of the drug develop quite rarely, and the discomfort, which is experienced by a person, is insignificant and quickly passes. Most often, men complain of headaches, all sorts of dyspeptic disorders (for example, diarrhea or heartburn), pain in the muscles or back, nasal congestion, flushing of blood to the face. Significantly less likely to appear such symptoms:

• puffiness of the eyelids and redness of the conjunctiva of the eye
• increased fatigue
• dizziness
• cardiopalmus
• dry mouth
• insomnia
• pain in the joints
• nose bleed
• skin rash

Pain in the back or muscle area usually begins to bother 12-24 hours after taking the drug and subside within the next two hours. They are particularly pronounced when lying in a supine position and are most often localized in the coccyx, buttocks or sacrum. In severe renal failure, pain can occur in the lumbar region.

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