Detailed description of generic tadalafil 5mg

Generic tadalafil 5mg – a drug that is sold in pharmacies called generic Cialis. Its main function is to strengthen the erection by getting a large amount of blood into the penis. Tadalafil refers to a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase, this substance is responsible for the blood flow to the genital organs. Tadalafil instruction – help the client in acquaintance with generic Cialis.

How to use the medicine?

generic tadalafil 5mgCialis is sold in tablets. One tablet can contain 5, 10 or 20 mg. of the active component of generic tadalafil 5mg. Receiving Cialis is very simple, you need to swallow a pill, drinking it with liquid (but not alcohol). The action of tadalafil begins 15-20 minutes after ingestion. By the time of preservation of the effect (36 hours), Cialis has no equal among all the agents for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. At this time, a man can enter into sexual intercourse at any time without fearing for the quality of an erection.

Tadalafil does not affect the level of sexual desire, if it is low, an erection does not come. The drug only helps in the formation of an erection. Per day, the maximum portion of intake is 20 mg. medicines.

Caution is not superfluous.

It should be said that in some situations you can not use generic tadalafil 5mg. First of all, these are health problems: cardiovascular diseases, priapism, cavernous fibrosis, multiple myeloma, sickle-cell anemia, leukemia, stomach ulcer, renal and hepatic insufficiency. In addition, tadalafil is incompatible with organic nitrates and donators of nitric oxide.

The degree of severity of negative reactions is weak and medium, mostly they are found at the beginning of the use of generic tadalafil 5mg. Tadalafil side effects are headache, dyspepsia, dizziness, nausea, redness of the facial skin.

Side effects of Generic tadalafil 5mg

For men, the state of potency means very much. Sexual desire should be at a high level, so that a person feels full. It is in sex that we feel the joy of life. To improve the libido, if it is weakened, the substance tadalafil will help. Tadalafil side effects, knowledge of which will avoid unpleasant situations. To the drug tadalafil reviews of real customers can be read on the product page.

What is Generic tadalafil 5mg?

This substance belongs to the group of selective inhibitors of phosphodiesterase. Tadalafil relaxes the muscles of the male sexual organ and allows the blood to flow into it better. So there is an erection. Tadalafil is effective only if a person is sexually aroused. That is, the inhibitor does not affect the potency itself, but the erection.

In pharmacies, generic tadalafil 5mg is sold under the name Cialis Generic. The form of release – a tablet in the form of a diamond. In each of them is 20 mg. active active substance.

The daily intake of Cialis should not be more than 200 mg. Tadalafil and alcohol differs from other means for restoring erectile dysfunction in that it retains its effectiveness for 36 hours. At this time, you can cause an erection at any time for intimacy. The effect of the drug begins 15-17 minutes after the use of the tablet. It should be swallowed, you can drink it with water.

Generic tadalafil 5mg side effects.

Cialis 5 mgNow let’s look at the side effects of using generic tadalafil 5mg. They can appear as a reaction to taking a large dose of the drug, more than 20 mg. per day. Most often, people complain of headache (11% of cases) and dyspepsia (7%). In addition, there were cases of dizziness, back pain, redness on the face. Side effects have an average or negligible degree of severity, most of them are observed with the first use of tadalafil.

It should be noted that this drug for potency is not recommended for people with heart and vascular disease, priapism, cavernous fibrosis, leukemia. These diseases can cause health damage when using tadalafil.

Generic tadalafil 5mg drug contraindications

The drug tadalafil has the medical name Cialis. It is designed to treat erectile dysfunction. This selective phosphodiesterase inhibitor is designed to relax the muscles in the genital and fill them with blood. As a result – an easy and rapid onset of an erection. Contraindications tadalafil drug will help to avoid health problems. Therefore, read carefully, because you can always buy tadalafil without a doctor’s prescription in our online pharmacy. The drug tadalafil instruction can be downloaded from our website.

Cialis 5 mg is available in tablets, each containing 5, 10 or 20 mg. tadalafil. The recommended dose of intake per day is not more than 20 mg. Tadalafil differs from other drugs for sexual attraction with a huge period of validity, which is 36 hours. Efficacy appears after 15-20 minutes.

Generic tadalafil 5mg contraindications.

Cheap TadalafilNow let’s pay attention to contraindications to the use of tadalafil (Cialis 5 mg). It can not be taken in case of cardiovascular diseases, cavernous fibrosis, sickle-cell anemia, leukemia, multiple myeloma, stomach ulcer. The drug is not allowed to combine with alpha-blockers, nitrate drugs and donators of nitric oxide.

Of the adverse reactions of the body to tadalafil can be noted nausea, headache, dyspepsia, redness of the face, dizziness. These symptoms are often of a medium-sized nature. With regular use of tadalafil they disappear.

What preparations contain Generic tadalafil 5mg

The drug generic tadalafil 5mg is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This disease is an erection disorder, and then the man becomes unable to have sex. Of course, this is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Tadalafil was created to correct the situation. Do you need to know the drugs containing tadalafil to know what to buy?

The action of tadalafil.

This substance is the basis of the drug Cialis Generic. Of all the means for improving potency, he has the longest time of action – 36 hours. Tadalafil acts in this way: it relaxes the muscles of the male sexual organ, as a result, in them large quantities of blood enters. There is an erection and you can easily go to bed. That’s how tadalafil works. Efficacy is already 15-17 minutes after taking the pill. Tadalafil is available in tablets of 5, 10, 20 mg. A day can be consumed no more than 20 mg.

Preparations containing generic tadalafil 5mg

Cialis is an original drug. In addition, there are analogues: Cialis Soft, Tadasip, Sealex. All these medicines are made on the basis of generic tadalafil 5mg, all have the same properties. The analogues differ from the original in that they have a slightly changed name and appear after the expiry of the patent for the original.

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